Apple’s Whipping Out the Buzzwords Again – What’s Steve Announcing Now?



Assuming you visit the Apple front page with any degree of regularity, you may have noticed that today, it’s been replaced with the above. Apparently, tomorrow we’re going to get an ‘exciting announcement’ from iTunes.

Frankly, Steve, I dunno about that: seems your last exciting iTunes announcement was Ping, and last I checked in, it was still a pile of crap. So forgive me if I remain a little apprehensive of your promise that I’m truly never going to forget the day you released… well, whatever it is.

I suppose we can speculate on that, can’t we?

From where I’m sitting, this can be one of three things: a cloud-based iTunes, the Mac App Store, or the Beatles. And honestly, a Mac App Store doesn’t make much sense as an announcement ‘from iTunes’. So my money’s on the cloud. Where your chips at?

  1. I think they will open the gates to the iTunes Store world-wide.

    Why would they open a cloud-based iTunes? The Mac App Store will be released along with Lion, as I heard in the keynote. What do you mean with the Beatles???

    We shall see 30 minutes later. 🙂

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