microsoft arc touch mouse 1

A Premature Look at Microsoft’s Arc Touch


microsoft arc touch mouse 1

Awhile ago, I punched you in the eye with a tidbit on Microsoft’s mystery device. That device, as you’re probably aware, turned out to be the Arc Touch mouse, and it now seems that German retailer notebooksbilliger has jumped the gun on unveiling the product proper. Oh, it looks like they got hip. But that certainly won’t stop me from punching you in the eye all over again. Stick your ice packs in the freezer, guys.

microsoft arc touch mouse 2

A typical 2.4Ghz dongle hooks up what is, surprisingly, one of the sexiest-designed Microsoft peripherals to date.  The Arc Touch is, of all things, bendable, flattening out for easy transportation – or, perhaps, for a presentation-style TV remote configuration? Looks like it’d be comfy either way. Tracking is handled by Microsoft’s Blue Track system, and that big grey bar is a touch pad, replacing the traditional scroll wheel for no reason other than that it can.

The device is slated to drop (in Europe at least) on October 13th, and will retail for €69.99 (90 dollars (bucks (bones (clams)))) – the same price as a Magic Mouse in Germany. Presumably, the Arc Touch will go head-to-head on this side of the pond, as well.

A toast to Microsoft, for developing a product aesthetic that doesn’t reek of a cubicle from the early 90s.

microsoft arc touch mouse 5

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  1. Hopefully microsoft wont jump on apples train, ergonomic mouses are what we need, not “hip” looking ones. Form still follows function

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