Death-Fearing Millionaire Commissions Immortal Robot – No, Really


If you’re not good and rested, take a nap before continuing with this article – because you’re never gonna sleep again.

Bina and Martine Rothblatt are an extraordinarily wealthy couple concerned with human immortality. Martine is involved in the Terasem Movement, which explores immortality “via geoethical nanotechnology and personal cyberconsciousness.” In short, the Rothblatts are really keen on not dying. I don’t blame them – I too am pretty stoked about this whole ‘life’ thing I’ve got going on.

In an attempt to immortalize herself for her partner, Bina has contracted Dave Hanson of Hanson Robotics to build a robotic likeness. And O M G, what a likeness it is. You’re not gonna like this. Unless you like scary things. Then you’ll love it.

Bina48 is an ‘AI’ (more really a search engine or something, whatever) that references hours and hours of interviews with the real Bina to construct a personality not unlike that of its namesake. The robotic head wherein this mechanism is entombed provides an avatar and, altogether, the system allows Bina to ‘live’ forever. While it’s a little crude, it’s pretty impressive, and a total steal for $125000. Fine work, Dave. Good job. Good work.

But man. Bina48 is TERRIFYING. You’re aware of the Uncanny Valley, right? Go ahead and learn yourself some Wikipedia. I’ll wait. Bina48 is the scariest marvel of technology I’ve seen in months, and I’m willing to bet I won’t see anything scarier for a longer time still. If I was a kooky millionaire set on living forever, I’d be more concerned with not scarring my great-grandchildren for life than accuracy.

You’d best believe I brought a video of this terror in action.

  1. It’s a bit unsettling when the robot defines friendship as two people cooperatively taking over the world.

  2. Been there done that… 2005 this was done posthumously for/about/around writer Phillip K Dick.

    there are youtube vids of it in action…

    more fun.. it was stolen!

  3. I love how it lumps “building a better future” with “conspiring to take over the planet”. Like the NWO people took over the programming.

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