Adobe Loves Apple… erm, maybe not



The ongoing feud between Apple and Adobe has received a new twist today as Adobe’s founders have posted an open letter, aptly named “thoughts on openness” – declaring their love for Apple, all the while attacking Apple’s policies that are taking away freedom of choice.

The feud began after Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, posted his thoughts on Flash and why we will never see it on an iPhone or iPad. The post basically pointed out that Flash remains completely controlled by Adobe, it is not needed on the web anymore and that Flash is a virus magnet. You can see the original post by Jobs here.

Adobe then responded to Jobs’ post by complaining to the federal government about Apple hogging the market from Adobe and other third party developers by not allowing these developers create software for it’s staples, the iPod and iPad.

And now, we have this open letter to Apple from Adobe, which essentially says Apple is undermining the web. All the while Adobe pretends it is not as controlling and out for money and market share as Apple is… in reality, they are both businesses and they are both concerned with their bottom lines.

Adobe’s letter argues that Apple is being closed-minded by not using Flash in favor of the arguably more universal HTML5. By doing this, Adobe argues that Apple is “undermining the next chapter of the web” which focuses on mobile devices, its approach making it harder for anyone to publish what they want and on any device.

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  1. Adobe is just a whiner.

    If they wanted to fix this problem they would fix flash for the Mac and or Linux so Apple would feel non-threatened to support it on the iPhone.

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