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Did You Honestly Think the Kindle Was Your Best Bet for Mobile Books?


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The Kindle just got some competition

Part of designer David Garcia’s Archive series, which showcases some of his truly alternative designs for book-shelves (I think it’s pronounced ‘buhk’. I hear they’re like a series of LCD screens that only display one thing, or something), Archive 2 enables you to bring your entire library with you. For real. This isn’t a Photoshop, this is a man walking inside a freaking bookshelf.

He is so going to accidentally murder his cat.


In case inquiring minds want to know, Archive 1 is a bookshelf on a seesaw, and Archive 3 is a stand that snaps the book shut as soon as you try to read it.

Because, y’know, that’s totally productive.


[David Garcia: Archive Series]
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