Camera Captures Only Smiling Faces 1

Say Cheese and SMILE! Camera that puts a smile on your face…. literally


Camera Captures Only Smiling Faces 1

As a photographer, I understand how difficult it is sometimes to make people not only smile, but have a naturally looking smile.
Stefan Stubble and Adnreas Schmelas of the University of the Arts in Berlin, have came up with a camera that no matter what, will take your photo with an artificial smile.

The camera uses an array of smiling photos that were taken before to basically replace photoshop and instantly give you that artificial but award winning smile. šŸ™‚

Not sure if I would actually pick up this product because as a photographer sometimes you want to convey emotion in your photo with somebody not smiling. This camera reminds me of a clown because they are always smiling and creepy.

Camera Captures Only Smiling Faces 2
Camera Captures Only Smiling Faces 3

Source: PSFK

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