samsung q1 a2

Samsung Gearing Up For Release of Tablet


samsung q1 a2

It seems as the world gets bigger, we want smaller.  It took us years to finally get tired of carrying around that giant 15-inch laptop and.. what’s that? They make us push buttons too? Samsung has jumped on board and will release their version of a tablet computer. Small, light, portable, and touch screen. Yes!! Touch screen.  Now we have an even more portable DVD player to lose while sitting down at Starbucks.

This story broke from an unnamed senior Samsung executive and their focus is on processing power and connectivity as they feel this is where they can have a step up on the iPad. So far early rumors suggest that it will run on Intel’s Atom processor.

Although I am very curious as to the practical side of this device, I will definitely try it out for an hour and write a review on it. Samsung is set to release their tablet in the second half of 2010.

Source: ZDNET

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