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MIX: Windows Phone 7 Won’t Multitask


Like Apple’s iPhone, Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows Phone 7 devices won’t support full multitasking in order to preserve battery life.

Google’s Android OS and Palm’s WebOS both support multitasking.

This means users can run multiple third-party apps at the same time as the core integrated services. However, users have complained at the impact of this on battery life.

The next-generation of Windows-powered phones will offer a range of applications on launch, including those for Internet radio service Pandora and music discovery service, Shazam. Applications will be able to access location data, push notifications and integration with Window’s Silverlight video software.

Push Notificaton is called the ‘Microsoft Notification Service’ and sounds very like Apple’s existing iPhone push system.

Microsoft told developers attending its Microsoft MIX10 developer conference that its Silverlight and XNA programming environments will be important tools, and previewed its forthcoming future free software toolkits at the event.

The company particularly hopes to attract games developers to the platform. Mobile TechWorld notes future Windows Phone 7 series devices will also support popular video format, DivX and HD. Apple’s iPhone lacks DivX support.

In another effort to offer something Apple doesn’t, Microsoft will allow users to trial apps sold through its own App Store (The Marketplace) before they make a purchase. For payments, the Marketplace supports single credit card purchases as well as direct via carrier billing and ad-supported free apps, access to the market is via the Zune client.

Source: MobileTechWorld

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