Impossible Project releases a new Polaroid camera. Yes, thats right, a new Polaroid.


Polaroid? They still exist? Everyone once and a while we rummage through our grandparents closet and stumble upon this old metal box that when the shutter is pressed, prints out a photo.

We shake the photo, at rapid speeds hoping that it will dry quickly and we can look at the instant quality of a polaroid picture. Gone are those days and we now have digital cameras……. umm.. and then…. Impossible Project releases a new, polaroid camera with a new age design.

Really? and its got a digital feature?

The new Polaroid 600 One is designed by Paul Giambarba, who is also responsible for designing the Polaroid brand for over 50 years now.

It features a focus free lens, built-in-flash, digital LCD counter and comes equipped with 600 film.

So now when you take your camera to grandmas house for dinner, she’ll know exactly what it is and you won’t have to explain the process of getting your photos developed to her anymore. Her fridge is immediately ready for those photos.

Source: PetaPixel

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