pod pad camera kit

Apple makes camera connection kit for iPad available for pre-order


pod pad camera kit

People looking to pick up their iPads in a couple days just got some good news. Apple has made its camera connection kit available for pre-order. Coming in at a staggering $29, the connection kit consists of two plastic devices which insert into your iPad’s dock port.

One device has a SD card reader on the end and the other has a USB capture device for people wanting to plug their cameras in directly. The connection kit supports all standard photo formats including RAW.

I’ve been looking forward to this day for a while so I won’t have to carry my laptop around with me to small client shoots. Next week, I’ll pick up my iPad, go to my jobs, and be able to show my work instantly on the iPad….. oh wait.. the connection kid won’t start shipping till late April?

We should have realized that. Its Apple. Although an amazing product, doesn’t it always seem like it takes forever to finally get your hands on it and start playing?

I suggest you click HERE and order it asap.

Source: Wired

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