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Digitimes Says AirPower to Launch in ‘late March’, Again Citing GPP Bridge Rectifier Supply
Oslo to Become First City to Enable Wireless Charging for Electric Taxis
Text Case 2.0 for iOS Includes Text to Emoji, Dark Theme, and New Organization Options
Earth is (always has been) Round, so Why Have the Flat-out Wrong Become so Lively?
Uber Faces Fresh Legal Challenge Over Driver Data
Recode Daily: Facebook Faces yet Another Privacy Mishap
This Clever Scam Lets Advertisers Make Money by Draining your Android Phone
The We Company is Getting into Urban Design
Don't Believe the (digital) Hype: Political Campaigns Still Focus on TV for Ads
Chinese Smartphone Firms Jazz up Products, Seize Turf in Home Market from Apple
Smart Devices for Teaching an Old House New Tricks
A Week with Twitter's Attempt at a More Civil Internet
Landmark Bill Would Ban Cosmetics with Toxic Ingredients
John Legend Joins Viral ‘Florida Man’ Challenge with Headline from his Birth Date
Nintendo’s Labo: VR Kit is not Virtual Boy 2.0
Oculus Releases Updated Rift VR Headset
Zero-day in WordPress SMTP Plugin Abused by Two Hacker Groups
eBay is Adding Support for Google Pay
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