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Verizon Discontinued its Bad Smartwatch
TrueDepth Camera System is Primary Reason for Slow iPhone X Production
Yubico's New Authentication Key is Super Tiny and Works with USB-C Ports
The X Factor: Apple's Weird Relationship with Product Numbers and Names
As Expected, the iPhone 8 Breaks if You Drop it (but it's Better than the Samsung Note 8)
'Everybody's Gone to the Rapture' Creator Goes 'Dark'
Twitter is Testing a Twitter Lite Android App, First in the Philippines
4K iTunes Content Limited to Streaming Only, no Downloads
HTC’s Future Under Google Signals a Shift Away from Smartphones
In Spectacular Fail, Adobe Security Team Posts Private PGP Key on Blog
The iPhone 8 has a Gigabit LTE Modem (updated)
Nintendo Switches on the Growth
iPhone 8 Subjected to Durability and Speed Tests
New Verizon Leak Exposed Confidential Data on Internal Systems
Nintendo Rolls Out Two-step Authentication for Online Accounts
Apple HomeKit Devices are Suddenly Booming
Motorola’s Moto X4 is Project Fi’s First Android One Smartphone
The World’s Largest Aircraft Had a Successful Engine Test
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