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Samsung May Be Making its own AirPod Competitor, Powered by Bixby
Nintendo May Already Be Planning Holiday 2018’s Must-Have Item
Verizon Allegedly Throttling Netflix & YouTube even Before Usage Limits Hit; VPN Circumvents
8bitdo’s NES30 Pro Controller is an Almost Perfect Nintendo Switch Companion
Silent Echo Lets You Chat with Alexa Over Slack
Google Brings its GIF-making Motion Stills App to Android
Clover Trail Systems Won’t Get Windows 10 Creators Update, Ever
Apple Granted Patent on Smart Dock with Siri and Wireless Charging
Facebook Gives Super-fans a Home with New Groups Feature
Google’s Brave New Friendless Feed
Bixby has Some Promise, but it's no Siri Killer
Surprise: Pairing your Segway Hoverboard to an App Isn't a Great Idea
Google Glass Never Really Left
Will the iPhone 8 Cost as Much as a MacBook Pro?
Beijing May Have been Blocking WhatsApp in Mainland China
Augmented Reality Startup Blippar Hopes to Turn your Face into a Digital Billboard
Apple’s Greater China Business Now has its own Managing Director for the First Time
Blippar Introduces ‘Halos’ Facial Recognition Feature on its Mobile App
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