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The First Nintendo Switch Video Streaming App is Coming this Week
Google Acquires India’s Halli Labs, Which was Building AI Tools to Fix ‘old Problems’
KFC's iPhone Killer has Arrived
Android Stops Glitchy Apps by Detecting your Panicky Presses
Windows Phone Dies Today
Facial Recognition in the New iPhone Would Make Huge Waves
Facebook Messenger Globally Tests Injecting Display Ads into Inbox
Twitter Lets You Avoid Trolls by Muting New Users and Strangers
Google News Redesign Extends to Google News & Weather App
Ubuntu is Now Available for Download on the Windows Store
Louis Vuitton is the Latest Luxury Fashion Brand to Jump on the Android Wear Train
WWE 2K18 Tags Nintendo Back in with a Switch Release
You Can Now Put the Azure Cloud on Premises with Azure Stack
You Can Now Preorder a White PS4 Pro
Apple Makes Aggressive Move Seemingly Aimed at Poaching More Imagination Staff
Jayden K Smith: Hoax Message Claiming Hackers are Breaking into Facebook Spreads Across Site
Amazon is Quietly Rolling Out its own Geek Squad to Set up Gadgets in your Home
Smart Speaker Alerts the Cops to an Assault After a Man Allegedly Threatened to Kill his Girlfriend
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