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HomePod Features 272 X 340 Display and 1GB RAM
Samsung's Latest LTE Modem Supports Faster-than-fiber Speeds
​Samsung Develops 6CA-supporting LTE Modem Tech
Google's New Program to Track Shoppers Sparks a Federal Privacy Complaint
Terminator Speaker Uses Amazon Alexa to Let You Talk to your Future Robot Masters
These were the Best Hacks at Black Hat and Def Con this Year
Apple Removes VPN Apps from the App Store in China
Driving a Tesla Model 3 is Pretty Damn Awesome
You Can Trust your Roomba with your Home's Dirty Secrets
Pebble and Essential Designer Liron Damir Joins Google to Work on Home Products
The IPod Nano Had a Weird, Amazing History
Flash was Useful, but Developers are Glad It’s on the Death March
Twitter is Having a Very Bad Day
BuzzFeed Made a Smart Hot Plate that Syncs with its Viral Cooking Videos
BuzzFeed is Getting into the Smart Appliance Business with the Tasty One Top
Apple's 'IPhone 8' Might not Ship Until Late 2017, Side Button Touch ID Unlikely
We Probably Still Need Some More Numbers for this Very Important Twitter Chart
Jeff Bezos is the World’s Richest Man
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