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A Swipe is not Enough: Tinder Trials Extra Control for Women
Google is Quietly Logging Users into Chrome, but it's not all Bad
Micron is Having its Worst Month in Over Two Years, and Some See the Pain Intensifying
We’re Inching Closer to DaaS Windows
Google Feed Gets Renamed Discover, will Appear on Mobile Homepage
Alto's Adventure Now Available on MacOS
Devs Worry Ethereum is Clogged with Crappy Apps, but Vitalik has a Fix
Neutrinos May Decay Invisibly, Resolving Problems in IceCube Data
Are You Ready for Samsung's Foldable Phone?
Zero-day Exploit in Mojave Lets Hackers Copy your Private Data
What to Expect When Apple, Amazon, and Google Get Grilled in Congress this Week
Analysts Impressed by Reception for New iPhones: 'Wow, We Did not Expect This...there were Lines'
Twitter will Help You Prepare for Election Day
Apple Watch Series 4 Teardown: 4% More Battery Capacity, Hidden Barometric Sensor, and Streamlined Internals
After Extradition to Texas, 3D-printed Gunmaker Cody Wilson is Out on Bail
NBN Upgrades Transit Network to 19.2Tbps Per Fibre Link
Surface Hub 2 Splits into Two: 2S in 2019, 2X in 2020
‘Death Stranding’ Adds Troy Baker to its Star-studded Cast
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