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Alexa Now Works with Apple Music on Sonos, Bringing Siri-like Voice Control
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Why You Should Always Ask for More Money
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The Nintendo Switch is Finally Coming to China
9to5Mac Daily: April 19, 2019
New 40mm Cannon on Marine Corp Amphibious Combat Vehicle Destroys Drones, Pickup Trucks
Tesla Gets Restraining Order on Short-seller Who Photographed Employees
'IPhone XI' and 'IPhone XI Max' Case Manufacturing Dummies Pop up on Chinese Social Media
China Finds Phone-Wielding Tourists and Telescopes Don't Mesh
Vector Graphics App Vectornator Gets Redesign + New Features After Going Free, Mac App Soon
Next Year’s 4/20 Celebrations in California will Look a Lot More Legal
These Gorgeous Tiles are Glazed in Volcanic Ash from Mount Etna
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