YouTube stories

YouTube Pulls Ads from Anti-vaccination Videos and Pinterest Blocks all Vaccination Searches Amid Measles Outbreak
T-Series Replaces PewDiePie as World's Most Popular YouTube Channel, but Only for Eight Minutes
YouTube Demonetizes Anti-vaccination Channels
YouTube is Heading for its Cambridge Analytica Moment
YouTube Demonetizes Anti-vaccination Videos
Brands are Finally Realizing They'll Never Be 100% Safe on YouTube
AT&T Pulls Ads from YouTube Over Videos Exploiting Children
YouTube Pedophile Problem has Major Advertisers Jumping Ship
YouTube Kills 400 Channels for Hosting Pedophilic Comments
YouTube Being Used by Horrifying Hidden Paedophilia Community in Plain Sight in Comments Under Videos
AT&T Pulls Ads from YouTube Over Pedophilia Controversy
Disney, Nestle Pull YouTube Ads in Uproar Over Child Videos
Researchers Blame YouTube for the Rise in Flat Earthers
Flat Earth Conspiracy Theorists are Being 'indoctrinated Through YouTube Videos'
Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar Lets You Skip YouTube Ads
Vox Media Targets YouTuber that Parodied the Verge's Terrible PC Build Video
YouTube's Copyright Claim System Abused by Extorters
Latest YouTube for iOS Update Reintroduces Annoying Home Indicator Bug
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