Web stories

Chinese Startup's 'Self-made' Web Browser Built on Google Chrome
Chrome Files Discovered in
Workona Helps Web Workers Finally Close all Those Tabs
Researchers Insert a Spider Web Gene into the Silkworm
Roku’s Free, Ad-supported Streaming Channel is Now Live on the Web
Casper, a Web Pioneer, to Open 200 Stores
Internet Use at Record Level but Britons are Lax About Web Security
YouTube's Web Player Adapts to Vertical Videos
Highly Requested Dark Mode Comes to Outlook Web Mail Service
One Year After Massive Takedowns, Dark Web Marketplaces are Thriving
Amazon Web Services Tests Out Two Tools to Help Keep the Cloud Secure
The Web Alienates Non-English Speakers
This Amazing New Web Tool Lets You Create Microsites that Exist Solely as URLs
EU Parliament Set to Vote on Copyright Bill That’s Causing a Massive Freak-out Across the Web
Outlook Web Mail Service to Gain Highly Requested 'Dark Mode'
Pandora Premium is Now Available for the Web
Chrome Makes it Easier to Download Web Pages When your Connection Dies
Google Chrome will Now Reload Web Pages Faster
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