Web stories

Tim Berners-Lee is on a Mission to Decentralize the Web
BitTorrent’s UTorrent Web Passes 1 Million Daily Active Users
This Dark Web Market is Dedicated to Compromising your Emails
Web Summit to Stay in Lisbon for 10 Years: CEO
Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee Tells Us his Radical New Plan to Upend the World Wide Web
Chrome 70 will Let Users Decline to Linking Web, Browser Sign-in
Instagram Pushes Notifications to Lite and Web Versions
SoundCloud’s Web Series Shines a Spotlight on its Creators
Facebook Enlists AI to Tweak Web Server Performance
Another Web Brand Wants to Be Sold in Stores
Firefox Nightly Can Use your GPU to Render Web Browsing
Progressive Web Apps Moving Mainstream as Twitter Makes its Mobile Site the Main One
Decentralisation: The Next Big Step for the World Wide Web
Twitter Design Test Brings Explore and Bookmarks to the Web
Get Ready for the 'Splinternet': The Web Might not Be Worldwide Much Longer
Mynewsdesk Acquires Web Monitoring Service Mention
Mozilla’s VR Hubs Can Now Share Web, Clipboard, and Uploaded Content
Securing Web Sites with HTTPS Made Them Less Accessible
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