Web stories

Hacker Takes Out Dark Web Hosting Service Using Well-known Exploit
Night Mode Comes to Twitter on the Web
China Cracks Down on Tools Used to Get Around Web Filters
Google will Now Remove Ads from Web Pages that Violate AdSense Policies Without Punishing Entire Website
Web Inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee Slams UK and US Net Plans
Edge in Name Only: Android and iOS Edge Web Browser
Allo Web Chat Now Works in Browsers Other than Chrome
Google Allo Arrives on Web, Only Pairs with Android Phones at Launch
Samsung Pay Now Supports PayPal In-store, In-app, and on the Web
Google Plans to Clean up the Web with Chrome Ad Blocker Next Year
Google's Instant App, Mobile Web Improvements Give Tech Decision Makers a Lot to Ponder
Instagram Launches Mobile Web Sharing to Pursue Global Growth
YouTube Now Formally Lets You Opt in for Material Design on the Web
iPhone Live Photos: Now Apple Opens it up to the Web to Boost Sharing
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