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Google is Finally Making Web Apps First-class Citizens on Android
Owl's Web-connected, Voice-activated Dashcam Looks Pretty Sweet
Mirai Botnet Hackers Plead Guilty for 2016 Web Outage
Mozilla's Firefox Reality Browser is Where VR Meets the Web
Google Earth Gets a New Home on the Web, Fancy “guided Tour” Section
Top News: Velocity up Web, Discover Forgotten Passwords, Convert VHS Tapes, and Extra
You Can't Buy Congress's Web History
Politicians' Web Browsing History Targeted After Privacy Vote
Chrome Web Store no Longer Allows Crypto-mining Extensions
Samsung Electronics to Launch Web Payments Service for Android Phones in South Korea
Inside Google’s Plan to Make the Whole Web as Fast as AMP
Opera's New Crypto-Mining Blocker is a Great Reason to Try their Web Browser
China Increases Internet Controls, Hits VPNs, as Web Population Grows
Web Inventor Slams US-UK Internet Plans, Cites Privacy Concerns
Hacker Takes Out Dark Web Hosting Service Using Well-known Exploit
A Plan to Make the Web Load Faster will Cause More Controversy than You'd Think
Google's Safe Web Surfing Tool is Quietly Protecting Apps like Snapchat, Too
Flash Loses Final Appeal: Adobe Sentences its Web Tech to Death
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