Web stories

Net Neutrality Keeps the Web from Running like an Airport Security Line. And it Might Go Away.
Mirai Botnet Hackers Plead Guilty for 2016 Web Outage
Amazon Adds its Silk Web Browser to Fire TV
Wikipedia Can Now Be Found on the Dark Web
Firefox Releases New Ultra-fast Web Browser to Take on Google Chrome
What You Should Know About the 'Deep Web' and the 'Dark Web'
Patreon’s API Unlocks Rewards Across the Web for Art Funders
Google Photos not Displaying Recent Backups on the Web for Some Users
Equifax Takes Down Web Page Amid New Breach Concern
Hulu Adds a Simple, Straightforward Channel Guide to Live TV on the Web
Edge in Name Only: Android and iOS Edge Web Browser
Allo Web Chat Now Works in Browsers Other than Chrome
Siri and Spotlight will Now Use Google, not Bing, for Web Searches
World Wide Web Consortium Abandons Consensus, Standardizes DRM with 58.4% Support, EFF Resigns
Amazon Web Services will Now Charge by the Second, its Biggest Pricing Change in Years
Alt-right Twitter Rival May Lose its Web Domain
The Pirate Bay is Hijacking Visitors' Web Browsers to Mine Cryptocurrency
Google's Safe Web Surfing Tool is Quietly Protecting Apps like Snapchat, Too
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