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The Web Alienates Non-English Speakers
This Amazing New Web Tool Lets You Create Microsites that Exist Solely as URLs
EU Parliament Set to Vote on Copyright Bill That’s Causing a Massive Freak-out Across the Web
Outlook Web Mail Service to Gain Highly Requested 'Dark Mode'
Pandora Premium is Now Available for the Web
Chrome Makes it Easier to Download Web Pages When your Connection Dies
Google Chrome will Now Reload Web Pages Faster
Wikipedia Can Now Be Found on the Dark Web
Twitter Brings its Dark 'Night Mode' Theme to the Web
Google Chrome Browser will Attempt to Tame Web Advertising
Google Breaks SHA-1 Web Crypto for Good but Torvalds Plays Down Impact on Git
Amazon Updates Fire TV's YouTube App to Redirect Users to a Web Browser Instead
The Pirate Bay is Hijacking Visitors' Web Browsers to Mine Cryptocurrency
Chrome Ad Blocker: The Web's Largest Ad Company is Also Now Advertising's Biggest Traffic Cop
Mozilla Brings its Private Web Browser Firefox Focus to Android
New Chrome Beta Feature Looks to Make Web Apps as Powerful as Native Ones
Gmail on the Web Can Now Stream Video Attachements, Downloads no Longer Needed
Web Inventor: Internet Should 'Promote Truth'
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