Twitter stories

Twitter Suspends Spammy Follow/unfollow Social Media Companies
Twitter Banned 2,600 Iran-linked Accounts for Election Meddling
Twitter Removed Some Accounts Originating in Iran, Russia and Venezuela that Targeted U.S. Midterms
Twitter Bans, then Restores, Beto O’Rourke Parody Account
Twitter is Testing an 'Original Tweeter' Label for Threads
Irish Data Watchdog Investigates Twitter Over Privacy Rules Breach
Stormy Daniels' Twitter Handle Vanishes
Fake News on Twitter Most Likely to Be Shared by Conservatives, Study Finds
Twitter’s CEO Keeps Substituting Talking for Doing
Twitter Testing ‘Original Tweeter’ Tag to Distinguish Who Started a Thread
Twitter Suspends Account Linked to Boosting MAGA Teens Controversy
Twitter Hopes Users will Love its Redesigned Desktop Layout-And Replace all the Bots It’s been Purging
Twitter Suspends the Account that Made the MAGA Students Vs. Native-American Elder Confrontation Go Viral
Russia Tries to Force Facebook and Twitter to Relocate Servers to Russia
Zimbabwe Blocks Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter Amid Crackdown
Russia Opens Civil Proceedings Against Facebook, Twitter: Ifax
Twitter Bug Made People's Private Tweets Public, Company Admits
Twitter Bug Revealed Some Android Users Private Tweets
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