Twitter stories

Gab, a Racist-friendly Alt-Twitter, has been Banned by PayPal and Others
Twitter Earnings Boosted by Sports Broadcasts
Twitter Suspends Accounts Linked to Mail Bomb Suspect
Twitter Loses 9 Million Monthly Active Users in Q3 2018, its Steepest Decline Ever
Twitter Tests Status Updates and ‘ice Breaker’ Tweets
Twitter Plays Whack-a-mole with Alex Jones, Suspends 18 Linked Accounts
3 Ways Russian-Linked Entities Stoked Controversy on Facebook, Twitter
Twitter's Dated Data Dump Doesn’t Tell Us About Future Meddling
Twitter Tests Out ‘annotations’ in Moments
Twitter Publishes Information Ops Data from Russia, Iran for Research
Why has Twitter Banned 1500 Accounts and What are NPCs?
Twitter will Publicly Shame Users Until They Delete their Bad Tweets
No, your Twitter was not Hacked
The Supreme Court will Hear a Case that Could Decide Whether Facebook, Twitter Can Censor Users
Macaw will Curate Twitter for You, Help Expand your Network
Twitter Exposes X Factor 'First Class' Trickery
Despite New Rules, Tracking Political Ad Spend Across Facebook, Google, and Twitter Remains Difficult
Twitter is Facing an Investigation Over Data Collection in its Link-shortening System
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