Twitter stories

Twitter Revises Rules on Hate Speech Targeting Religions
The White House's Social Media Summit May not Include Facebook and Twitter
Twitter's Disinformation Data Dumps are Helpful-to a Point
Wikipedia Co-founder Slams Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter and the 'Appalling' Internet
Tweetdeck Down: Twitter App Stops Working for People Around the World as 'something Went Wrong' Error Appears
Twitter Rolls Out a Notice for Tweets from Important Users that Break its Guidelines
Fake Pop-Tarts that Taste like Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing are Peak Brand Twitter
Twitter will Quarantine Politicians’ Tweets if They Violate Rules-Finally
Apple Tries Out the ‘choose-your-own Adventure’ Twitter Thread Format that Recently Went Viral
The Worst Twitter is Celebrity Death Twitter
Twitter Tests Out Another Desktop Redesign with Trends on the Right, Navigation on the Left
Hackers Target Major UK Supermarket’s Twitter with Phoney Bill Gates Bitcoin Scam
Elon Musk Bewilders Twitter Users with Tweet About Mars
PSA: If You Unfollow Someone on Twitter at Present, They May Be Notified
Twitter Disables Precise Location Tagging in Tweets
The Technology 202: Amazon is Clapping Back at Politicians on Twitter
Elon Musk is Still on Twitter After Saying He ‘just Deleted’ his Account
‘Crypto Twitter’ Anxiously Awaits White Paper for Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency
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