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Robots 'To Replace up to 20 Million Factory Jobs' by 2030
Meet the Robotic Strawberry Harvesters that are Picking Fresh Produce — Strictly Robots
IRobot Acquired Education-focused Company Root Robotics
NASA's Astrobee Cube Robot Flies in Space for the First Time
IRobot Acquires Education Startup, Root Robotics
Researchers Create First Mind-controlled Robot Arm that Works Well Without Surgery
Robot Taught to 'Feel' Objects by Sight and Other News
Travelers Kinda Hate Robots at Airports
Facebook Launches Robotics Framework PyRobot
Robotic Lunar Spelunkers will Head into Sinkholes on the Moon
YouTube's 'Shitty Robot' Queen Made her own Tesla Pickup Truck
Cruise Open-sources Webviz, a Tool for Robotics Data Analysis
The Robot will do the Dishes: A Robotic Dishwasher for Commercial Kitchens
Robots Fight Back in Hilarious Boston Dynamics Parody Video
NASA Taps CMU to Develop Robots to Help Turn Pits on the Moon into Potential Habitats
MIT Develops a System to Give Robots More Human Senses
MIT's New Robot Can Identify Things by Sight and by Touch
Willo is a Robot that Wants to Replace your Toothbrush
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