Robots stories

Anki's 'Vector' Home Robot Now Available for Purchase
Click News: A Ladder-climbing Robotic Snake
The UK Invited a Robot to ‘give Evidence’ in Parliament for Attention
Parkour Robot Jumps Obstacles as Boston Dynamics Reveals its Terrifying Robot has Become even More Powerful
Catie Cuan’s Robot Choreography
The Morning After: Hardcore Parkour Robots
Researchers Made a 32-legged Robot that Moves like an Amoeba
Say Goodbye to Household Cleaning with Samsung's Robot Vacuum
Take Me to your Leader! MPs to Quiz Robot
Watch Shimon the Marimba-playing Robot Play Along to Jazz, Reggae, and Hip Hop
Watching YouTube Videos May Someday Let Robots Copy Humans
MPs Invite Robot to Give Evidence on AI
Is this Robot Really Going to Replace a Security Guard?
A Long Goodbye to Baxter, a Gentle Giant Among Robots
Looks like the First U.S. Robot Brothel Isn't Happening ... Yet
Rethink Robotics Closes After Acquisition Plans Fall Through
This Farm, Run Entirely by Robots, Uses 90% Less Water than Traditional Farms
The Roomba I7+ is the Robot Vacuum I’ve been Waiting for
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