Robots stories

WIRED25: Welcome to Our Robot Petting Zoo
This Robotic Bartender is Coming Soon to an Airport Near You
JAXA Plans to Send Robot Avatars with Human-like Hands to Space
This One-Armed Robot is Super Manipulative (in a Good Way)
MIT CSAIL Uses AI to Teach Robots to Manipulate Objects They’ve Never Seen Before
This Little Robot Swims Through Pipes and Finds Out if They're Leaking
IRoomba’s Latest Robot Vacuum Cleaner Can Empty Itself, for an Entire Month
This Hyper-Real Robot will Cry and Bleed on Med Students
AI Robots Can Develop Prejudices, Just like Us Mere Mortals
Robots Can Develop Prejudices Just like Humans
This Start-up Makes Robots that Can Help Traditional Retailers Work as Quickly as Amazon
'Killer Robots' Ban Blocked by US and Russia at UN Meeting
The Cutest Robot Butler is Here to Serve You Food and Beverages
Temi is a Telepresence Robot with Harman Kardon Speakers and an AI Voice Assistant
Neato Unveils Botvac D4 Connected and Botvac D6 Connected Robot Vacuums
Wanted: Robot Life Coach (no, Really)
Misty Robotics CEO Tim Enwall: Everyone will Have a Home Robot in 10-20 Years
Somnox Robot Aims to Put Owners to Sleep
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