Robots stories

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Robot Snags Lead Role in Tony Kaye’s Next Movie ‘2nd Born’
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I’m Pretty Sure this DIY Karaoke Robot Wants to Devour my Soul
NASA Picks Early Winners for its ISS Robot Arm Challenge
Material with Eagle-like Grasp Could Lead to Grippier Robot Hands
Robots are Already Taking Human Jobs, but it May not Be Such a Bad Thing
A Miniature Robot Army (from the People Who Brought You the Internet)
AI Robot Arm Scans Where's Wally Books to Find Elusive Character in Seconds
Pizza Hut has a New Robot Waiter in Korea, and We're Booking a Ticket to Seoul
What Termites Teach Us About Robot Cooperation
AI-powered Robot Can Spot Waldo in 4.5 Seconds
The Worker in the Robot Suit: New Industrial Orders Reignite Exoskeleton Interest
This Tiny Robotic Spider Might One Day Perform Surgeries Inside your Body
Your Vegetables are Going to Be Picked by Robots Sooner than You Think
Anki has Sold 1.5 Million Cozmo Robots
Meet Vector, Anki's Charming New Robot
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