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Researchers Just Created a Robotic Lens that Can Be Controlled by the Eyes
Robotic Buddhist Priest Joins Temple and Other News
Japanese Researchers Build Robotic Tail – Video
Robot Priest Added to 400-year-old Buddhist Temple in Japan: 'It will Grow in Wisdom'
This Robot Bartender will Make your Next Party One to Remember — Strictly Robots
The Android Turning Test Can Tell Us Whether a Robot is Effectively a Person
Self-driving Truck Startup Kodiak Robotics Begins Deliveries in Texas
Amazon Begins Testing its 'Scout' Delivery Robot in Southern California
This Transformer Robot Lives Underwater — Strictly Robots
This Robot Bartender Can Make a Perfect Drink Every Time — Strictly Robots
Postmates Lands First-ever Permit to Test Sidewalk Delivery Robots in San Francisco
People Don’t Want to See Workers Replaced by a Robot-themselves Excepted
Most People Would Prefer to Be Replaced by a Robot, not a Human
This Robot Climbs Walls so that Humans Don't Have to — Strictly Robots
Robotic Tails for Humans are Here
Googly-eyed Robots are Actually an Important 5G and Edge Computing Benchmark
Should We Worry About the Robots and Mind-reading Apps Remaking Our World?
Can a Robot Be an Inventor? A New Patent Filing Aims to Find Out
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