Robots stories

Alphabet to Close Schaft Robotics Unit After Failed Acquisition
Google's Alphabet Gives up on Rescue Robots
Google Closes Bipedal Robot Unit Schaft, Staff Dispersed
UK Government Developing Flying 'killer Robots', Investigation Reveals
This Robotic Cowboy is Making Cattle Herding Much Safer
Robot Design Goes Back to Nature
Traveling to Chicago? Let these Room Service Robots Cater to your Every Whim
And Now for Something Completely Different: Chinese Robot News Readers
Colorful iMac G3 Looks Adorable as a Toy Robot
This Robot is Training to Become a Construction Worker — Genius Moments
Furhat Robotics Gives AI a Face with its New Social Robot
Save up to £30 on Robot Vacuum Cleaners with these Voucher Codes
Yub Nub! Students Dress a Bipedal Robot up like an AT-ST
Slightly Heavier than a Toothpick, the First Wireless Insect-size Robot Takes Flight
Robotaxis are Coming. So Why are We Still so Unprepared?
Watch this Little Robot Transform to Get the Job Done
Starship Launches Robot Package Delivery Service in the UK
Starship is Using Self-driving Robots to Deliver Packages on Demand
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