iOS stories

Android Users are More Loyal than Those on iOS, Study Says
Apple Releases iOS 11.2 Public Beta 2
Apple Aims to up its AI Smarts with iCloud User Data in iOS 10.3
Apple Announces an iMac Pro Update and iOS 11
Apple's TV App for iOS: Now You Can Watch New 'Live News' Channels
32-Bit Apps no Longer Supported in iOS 11
Despite Smaller Share, iOS Continues to Attract Content Apps First
Apple's iOS 11.3 May Use iCloud as a Single Sign-on for Websites
MoviePass Updates iOS App to Track You Less
Will Apple's iOS 11 'Cop Button' Help Protect iPhone and iPad Privacy?
Google Lens is Now Available on iOS
Amazon Spark is a Shopping Social Network for iOS
Apple Introduces App Pre-Orders for iOS, MacOS, TvOS
This New Text Bomb Crashes Most Mac and iOS Apps with a Single Unicode Symbol
Minecraft on iOS Gaining Cross-Platform Play with Android, Xbox One, Switch, and PC
iOS App Store Vs. Google Play Store – Which Store is Better for Developers?
The iOS 11 32-Bit Appocalypse Isn't Actually that Bad
iOS 11's New Image Format Might Pose Problems for PC Users
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