Google stories

Google Hires Veteran Chip Designer Away from Apple to Build Custom Chips for Pixel Smartphones
Google Just Fixed an Annoying Freezing Bug with its Pixel Phone
Google Plans to Clean up the Web with Chrome Ad Blocker Next Year
Google Chromecast is Getting Some More Virtual Reality Love
Inside Google’s Global Campaign to Shut Down Phishing
Google CFO Ruth Porat Says Suing Uber was the Only Right Path
After Destroying Humans, Google's AlphaGo Hangs up its Go Gloves
What the Actual Hell is Going on with Google's Newly Redesigned Android Emoji
Google’s Blob Emoji are Great and no One will Convince Me Otherwise
Google’s New Feature Can Match Ad Clicks with In-Store Purchases
Google In, Google Out
Google Lens is Google’s Future
Google's Instant App, Mobile Web Improvements Give Tech Decision Makers a Lot to Ponder
AI-powered Google for Jobs has Work for Everybody
Google is Turning your Gmail Account into a Mobile Wallet
Google to Launch a Jobs Search Engine in the U.S.
Google Brings 45 Teraflops Tensor Flow Processors to its Compute Cloud
Google’s Next-generation AI Training System is Monstrously Fast
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