Google stories

Google Pixel, Pixel XL Get Exclusive Instant Tethering Feature for Automatic Internet Connection
Google Docs is Down for Some, and Users are not Impressed
Google: We've been Asked to Delist 2.4 Million URLs but Only Removed 43%
HTC Schedules Major Announcement as Google Takeover Rumors Intensify
Google and Samsung Aim to Make Sweet Music on the Galaxy S8 and S8+
Google has Planted its Flag at CES
Google Photos Adds Smarter Sharing, Suggestions and Shared Libraries
iPhone 7 Vs. iPhone 7 Plus Vs. Google Pixel Vs. Google Pixel XL: Comparison
EU Increases Pressure on Facebook, Google and Twitter Over User Terms
Google Accidentally Reveals Android P Might Have iPhone X-like Gestures
Google Cancels All-staff Diversity Meeting
Google Flexed its Muscles with New Ad-blocking Rules, and Some Smaller Players are Concerned About its Power
Google Collaborates with H&M's Ivyrevel for the Data Dress, Customized Based on the Wearer's Daily Routine
Does Google Know Everything About You? Short Answer: Yes.
Need Help Troubleshooting your Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL? Ask Google Assistant
Google Tightens YouTube Rules to Clean Things up for Advertisers
Why Downloading Flashlight Apps from Google Play May Be a Bad Idea
Google's Phones and Other Gadgets Have Had a Bumpy Ride
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