Google stories

NYC will Accept Google Pay on Some Subway and Bus Routes
Google Integrates Food Delivery Services into Search, Maps and Assistant
Anti-abortion Clinics that Try to Trick Women Face New Google Ad Policy
India Election: Google Stops Working Properly Hours Before Results Declared, Angering Voters Searching for Latest News
The Google Home Hub is Now Available for Under £90
Google Says Some G Suite User Passwords were Stored in Plaintext since 2005
Google Sister-company Verily is Teaming with Big Pharma on Clinical Trials
Bose Brings Google Assistant to New and Existing Smart Speakers
Google Research: Most Hacker-for-hire Services are Frauds
What Makes Google Cloud Platform Unique Compared to Azure and Amazon
Google's Eric Schmidt: Breaking up Big Tech Would Be 'Illegal' and Harmful to Consumers
Google’s Lung Cancer Detection AI Outperforms 6 Human Radiologists
Google's Next-gen Glass Eyewear Lasts Longer and Runs on Android
Google Sees Gmail as Key to its Collaboration Plans
Google Clarifies Works with Nest Shutdown, Provides Extension on Existing Connections
Google’s Translatotron Converts One Spoken Language to Another, no Text Involved
Apple and Google Should Steal these Ingenious Smartphone Concepts
Italy's Watchdog Investigates Google for Alleged Antitrust Abuse
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