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Google App 8.0 Preps Teaching Assistant About People, 'Scheduling' Custom Routines, & More [APK Insight]
After Facebook Scrutiny, is Google Next?
After Facebook Scrutiny, is Google Next?
Google Chat Service a Precious Gift to Cybercriminals and Government Spies: Amnesty
Why Google and YouTube Should Probably Start Worrying
Google's 'Chat' Service a Precious Gift to Cybercriminals: Amnesty
Google Photos for Android Reorganizes Bottom Bar to Prioritize Main Tab & View
This is the Google Pixel 3 We've been Waiting for
Exclusive: Chat is Google's Next Big Fix for Android's Messaging Mess
Google Changes its Messaging Strategy Again: Goodbye to Allo, Double Down on RCS
Google is Launching an Android Chat Service to Replace SMS
Goodbye SMS? Google Makes Big Push for 'Chat' Standard
Google's SMS Replacement Ready to Launch
Google is ‘pausing Investment’ in Allo
A Recent Update from Google Could Severely Hamper Anti-Censorship Tools
Android P Folds the iPhone X Notch and Gestures, do You like Where Google is Heading?
We Put Apple's iPhone X up Against Google's Pixel 2
A Google Update Just Created a Big Problem for Anti-censorship Tools
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