Google stories

Google Fiber Could Get a Jolt from FCC Utility Pole Policy
Facebook, Google and Twitter will Testify Next Week at a House Judiciary Hearing on Content Moderation
Facebook Hires Top Google Engineer to Head its Chip Development
Google Chrome has a Nasty Surprise
Google Chrome will Hog 10 Percent More RAM Thanks to Spectre Patch
Google Flips Switch on Chrome's Newest Defensive Technology
Project Loon and Project Wing Graduate from Google X
Google’s Apigee Teams up with Informatica to Extend its API Ecosystem
Google Brings Morse Code to the iPhone
Tell your Boss to Get Bent with Google's 'Working Hours' Feature
Google Brain has Expanded to Amsterdam
Google Now Refers to its Different Assistant Voices Using Colors
Google to Face Multibillion-Euro EU Antitrust Fine
June in Africa: Google Balloons, ICOs, and Internet Shutdowns
Google Pay Rolls Out Support for Peer-to-peer Payments and Mobile Ticketing
Google May Have to Make Major Changes to Android in Response to a Forthcoming Fine in Europe
Dish Hopper Devices Get Google Assistant Functionality
Meet the Woman Who Decides What Google's Emoji Look like
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