Google stories

Yelp Loses Bid to Intervene in Google Antitrust Challenge
At Cobotics Startup Formant, Ex-Googlers Team up Humans & Machines
'Not Everybody Wants to Live in Silicon Valley': Google to Expand in New York
All I Want for Christmas: Folders for Google Docs
Google will Make it Easier for People Without Accounts to Collaborate on G Suite Documents
Google Isn’t the Company that We Should Have Handed the Web Over to
Google Assistant Now Predicts Flight Delays
Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says AI Fears are 'Very Legitimate'
German Ruling on Google Licensing Fees Should Be Halted: EU Court Adviser
Google Maps Adds Lime Scooters and Bikes to its Transportation Suggestions
Google’s Music Transformer Can Generate Piano Melodies that Don’t Sound Half Bad
Fox on Tech: Google Plus Data Breaches Causing More Headaches
Google Shopping Launches in India
Square Appointments Opens to Direct Bookings Through Instagram and Google
Google Assistant Can Now Speak with an Australian or English Accent
Google is Adding More Parental Controls to Chromebooks
WordPress Plugs Bug that Led to Google Indexing Some User Passwords
Google Maps Can Find You a Nearby Lime Scooter or Bike
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