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Google Removes Seven Stalking Apps from the Play Store
Tiny UK Startup Takes on Google’s Wing in the Race to a Drone Traffic Control System
Tinder is Now Bypassing the Play Store on Android to Avoid Google’s 30 Percent Cut
Facebook and Google are Keeping Tabs on What Porn You're Watching
Don't Break up Facebook and Google Based on these Three Myths
Google is Adding Find my Device and Battery Features to Fast Pair Headphones
Google to Clamp Down on Incognito Mode Detection
Google’s SMILY is Reverse Image Search for Cancer Diagnosis
Google Cloud Gains in Gartner's 2019 Cloud Infrastructure Magic Quadrant
Google’s Plan to Improve Local News will Start in Youngstown, Ohio
Russia Fines Google for Failing to Filter Search Results
Google’s Stadia Controller Won’t Work with Bluetooth Headsets at Launch
Apple, Google, and the Copycat Conundrum
Google Pulls Stalking Apps from the Play Store
Google Suspends Ticket Site Viagogo from Advertising
Google Maps Expands Real-Time Bikesharing Info to 23 More Cities
Google’s Parrotron is an AI Tool for People with Speech Impediments
Google’s Area 120 Launches Byteboard to Improve Technical Interviews
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