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A Facebook Contractor Posted Bruce Springsteen Lyrics to Protest their Working Conditions. He was Fired Two Weeks Later.
Facebook CEO Says Delay in Flagging Fake Pelosi Video was 'Execution Mistake'
What Facebook Privacy? Candidates’ Tough Talk is Just that
Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency Betrays the Company’s True Ambitions
WhatsApp Tests Feature that Shares your Status to Facebook and Other Apps
There's Another Reason Behind Bitcoin's 200% Rise this Year
Fed to Hold Facebook's Crypto Coin to 'High' Bar: Powell
StreamElements Gets Integration with Facebook Live
European Watchdogs Demand Detail on Facebook's Cryptocurrency
Central Bankers Weigh up Facebook's Libra Plan
Facebook to Give Data on Hate Speech Suspects to French Courts, Minister Says
Amazon, Facebook Internet Outage: Verizon Blamed for 'Cascading Catastrophic Failure'
Facebook Firing Mark Zuckerberg? Don't Get your Hopes Up.
Politicians Need to Move Fast as Facebook & Co Move into Finance: BIS
Facebook Throws Shade on Apple’s ‘exclusive’ Approach
Recommended Reading: Facebook Moderator PTSD
Facebook Makes Another Push to Shape and Define its own Oversight
Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency 'Poses Risks to Global Banking'
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