Facebook stories

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Suffer Outages in Americas and Europe
Facebook Won’t Store Data in Countries with Human Rights Violations
Facebook Down: Site and App not Working for Users Who are Told it is 'down for Maintenance'
Facebook Can Make VR Avatars Look-and Move-Exactly like You
The Vergecast Discusses Breaking up Facebook, Google, and Amazon at SXSW
Facebook Lost 15 Million Users in the U.S. Since 2017
Facebook and the Ephemerality Trap 
Facebook’s Newsfeed is a Mess, but it Taught Me to Time Travel
Instagram Founders Say Selling to Facebook Didn’t Reduce Competition Among Social Networks
GOP Sen. Josh Hawley Slams “toothless” Federal Response to Privacy Abuses at Facebook and Google
Facebook Sues Ukrainian Browser Extension Makers for Scraping User Data
Mark Zuckerberg Plans to Make Facebook More Private with 6 Key Changes
Facebook Discovers UK 'Fake News' Network
Why Facebook’s Pivot to Privacy Could Backfire
Facebook is Testing 'Watch Party' Features on Instagram, Too
Facebook is Using AR to Bring a Massive Mural to Life
Mr. Zuckerberg, Let Us Pay for Facebook with Dollars not Data
As Anti-vax Movement Gets Weirder-and Dumber-Facebook Announces Crackdown
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