Facebook stories

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Had to Go to Extraordinary Lengths to Take Down Mosque Shooting Videos
The Cambridge Analytica Scandal Changed the World – But it Didn't Change Facebook
Facebook Board Member Met Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower in 2016
Facebook Employees Have Special Hotlines to Get Faster Customer Support for their Friends and Family
Cyber Saturday-E-Voting Security, Beto O’Rourke’s Hacker Days, Facebook Criminal Probe
Facebook Blames Server Tweak for Blackout Issues
Facebook Sees Realistic Face-tracking Avatars as Key to VR’s Future
Questions About Policing Online Hate are Much Bigger than Facebook and YouTube
Facebook's News Feed Changes were Supposed to Make Us Feel Good. It's not Working.
Why It’s so Hard for Facebook and Google to Stop Violent Content from Being Streamed
Facebook Shares Drop as Executives Quit, Christchurch Live-stream Shooting Stirs Outrage
Facebook Takes Steps Against 'Revenge Porn'
If You Think Facebook has no Competition, Just Ask Telegram
Facebook is not a Monopoly, but it Should Be Broken up
Facebook is Losing Two Top Executives After the Company’s Privacy Pivot
Facebook Owes Us an Explanation
Facebook’s About-Face
Facebook Helps You Host Viewing Parties for Live TV
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