Facebook stories

Facebook Dating Expands to Canada and Thailand
Facebook Starts Shipping Portal, Clarifies Privacy/ad Policy
On Election Day, the Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower is Blasting Facebook for Still not Doing Enough
Facebook Blocks 115 Accounts for 'Inauthentic Behavior'
Facebook’s Cluelessness Helped Amplify Myanmar Tensions
British Watchdog Refers Facebook to Irish Data Body
Facebook Finds Accounts Engaged in Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior
Facebook's Fight Against Election Tampering Spans the Company
Facebook Opens Small Business Pop-ups in Nine Macy's Stores
MoveOn is Trying to Sway the Midterms with Facebook Ads
Alex Jones Banned from Facebook? His Videos are Still There -- And so are his Followers
The Facebook Ad-pocalypse is Coming, so Spend your Budget on Creativity
Tool up for the Midterms with this Facebook Junk News Aggregator
Facebook Sorry for 'White Supremacist Ad'
Think Facebook Causes Political Breakdown? WhatsApp May Be Worse
Facebook Apologizes After Blocking Pro-life Group's Ads for GOP Senate Candidates
Political Reality: Buy Ads on Facebook or Risk Losing the Election
Hackers Extracted and Published Facebook Private Messages Grabbed Through Bad Browser Plug-Ins
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