Facebook stories

Facebook Messenger Globally Tests Injecting Display Ads into Inbox
Jayden K Smith: Hoax Message Claiming Hackers are Breaking into Facebook Spreads Across Site
Facebook Now has 2 Billion Monthly Users…and Responsibility
Facebook Changes Mission Statement to “bring the World Closer Together”
Facebook Equips Admins to Protect and Analyze their Groups
Facebook’s AI for Targeting Terrorists will Go Beyond Muslim Extremists
Facebook Says it Wants ‘to Be a Hostile Place for Terrorists’
Facebook Teaches Machines to Negotiate with Humans
Facebook’s Safety Check will Integrate Fundraisers, Among Other Upgrades
Why Facebook's Censorship Problem won't Get any Better any Time Soon
Here are Some Pretty Awful Things You Can (and Cannot) Say on Facebook
Facebook Downranks News Feed Links to Crappy Sites Smothered in Ads
Facebook Deflates Filter Bubbles by Letting You Follow Topics, not Just Pages
Facebook is Looking for a Film Producer to Create 'Motion Picture Content'
Facebook's Copycats Appear to Be Crushing Snapchat's User Numbers
Zuckerberg Thinks Facebook was “late” to Competing with Snapchat, is Now “ahead”
Here’s Why Facebook Messenger Isn’t Building a Voice-controlled Assistant like Alexa or Siri
Facebook Helped Advertisers Target Teens Who Feel “worthless”
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