Facebook stories

Facebook Tweaks 'Trending' Feature to Root Out Fake News
Facebook Launches Resource to Help Spot Fake News
Facebook Tests Mid-roll Video Ads
Zuckerberg Responds to Cook's Comments About Facebook Scandal, Admits
Facebook's Next Act: Bridging AR to the Real World
Elon Musk to Facebook: Mmm ... K, Bye
Mark Zuckerberg's Goal: Remake a World Facebook Helped Create
Facebook Hires AI Expert, Launches Lab in Canada's Montreal
Facebook's Next Act: A New Spin on Reality
Facebook Wants to Save your Face. Should You Say yes to Facial Recognition?
Google and Facebook Say 'Non' to Fake News in France
Fake Supermoon Video Racks up 16M Views on Facebook
Former Facebook Exec: Social Media Ripping Apart Social Fabric
Facebook Friends Fall for Jayden K. Smith Hoax
EU Orders Facebook and Google to Prevent Consumer Scams
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg in Court Over VR 'Heist'
Fake News is Still Here, Despite Efforts by Google, Facebook
Facebook is Probably Tracking You Whether You Use it or not
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