Facebook stories

Google, Facebook, Netflix Lobbyist Tells the FCC not to Destroy Net Neutrality
The Morning After: Facebook's Long Day
Facebook Adds a Snooze Button for Muting People, Groups and Pages for 30 Days
Facebook to Prioritize 'Trustworthy' Publishers in News Feed
Facebook GIF Maker Now Available on iOS: Here's What the New Camera Feature Can do
Facebook is Working on a Way to Read Brain Waves that Could Let your Send your Thoughts to People
Facebook Live Marks 3.5 Billion Broadcasts on its 2nd Birthday
Under Fire and Losing Trust, Facebook Plays the Victim
Facebook Losing Young Users even Faster to Snapchat, EMarketer Says
Exclusive Interview with Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg
ZeniMax Demands Over $6 Billion in Damages in Facebook Oculus Virtual Reality Case
Facebook Journalism Project Aims to End Fake News Once and for all
EDITORIAL: Facebook is not your Friend. It is an Information Parasite.
Facebook's Testing a New Method to Prevent Revenge Porn that Requires Uploading your Nudes
Facebook Wants to Feed You
For the First Time, Facebook Spells Out What it Forbids
A New “snooze” Button on Facebook Lets Users Temporarily Mute a Friend, Page, or Group
Some Facebook Shareholders Want to Oust Zuckerberg from Board Post
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