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Facebook’s ‘cryptocurrency’ Libra May Be in More Trouble than We Thought
Facebook Really Doesn’t Want You to Read these Emails
Facebook: Expect Oculus Insight Tracking in Future Wearable AR Glasses
Facebook Admits It’s Still Being Exploited to Incite Ethnic Violence in Myanmar
Facebook Wants to Hire Journalists, but Where Does that Leave News Feed?
Facebook Unveils Long-promised Tool to Limit What Data it Receives from Third-party Apps and Websites
Facebook’s New Privacy Feature Comes with a Loophole
Former GOP Senator: Facebook has 'Significant Work' to Address Conservatives Concerns
Facebook will Use Humans to Curate its News Tab
FTC Chairman Says Facebook's Plan to Merge Brands May Make it Harder to Split: FT
Angry Nerd: Let's Crush Facebook's Secret Crush
Binance Announces Venus, a Stablecoin Positioned as a Rival to Facebook's Libra
Factbox: Track Facebook's Fight Against Disinformation Campaigns in 2019
Facebook Should Stop Trying to Disrupt Payments with Libra and Focus on Repair
Facebook Opens Playground to Connect with Israeli Startups, Developers, and Local Communities
Facebook's Crackdown on Dangerous Content in Groups Could Backfire, Experts Say
Facebook Told Staff but not Users About Single Sign-on Risks, Says Court Filing
Facebook Pivots Privacy Failings into Pop-up Cafes
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