Facebook stories

The U.S. Government and Facebook are Negotiating a Record, Multi-billion Dollar Fine for the Company’s Privacy Lapses
Pressure Mounts on Facebook and Google to Stop Anti-vax Conspiracy Theories
Facebook Suspends Pages from Russia-linked Viral Video Company
Chinese Surveillance, Facebook Tracking, and More Security News this Week
For Every Facebook Watch Success Story, There are Countless Failures
Facebook’s Early Portal Prototypes Swiveled to See Video Subjects
Facebook Tackles Developer Databases Leaking at Least One Million User Records
Facebook, Google, CDC Under Pressure to Stop Anti-vax Garbage from Spreading
Facebook May Face Multi-billion Dollar Fine for Cambridge Analytica Scandal
Daily Crunch: Facebook (possibly) Considered Buying Unity
Facebook Security Uses a 'Lookout' List to Keeps Tabs on Users and Ex-employees Who May Be Threats
Ex-Facebook Director Don Graham Says He Trusts Executives There to Fix Data and Election Problems
‘Ligue Du LOL’ Revealed to Be 30 French Male Journalists Using Facebook and Twitter to Harass Female Counterparts
Facebook Must Take 'Real Action' Against Disinformation, Mozilla Foundation and 32 Civil Society Groups Demand
Facebook Just Bought a Furniture Shopping Startup
Facebook: No, We Don't Limit your News Feed to 26 People
Facebook Snaps up Visual Search Technology Startup
Facebook Logged a User into Someone Else’s Account with a Recycled Phone Number
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