Facebook stories

Facebook Opens Playground to Connect with Israeli Startups, Developers, and Local Communities
Facebook's Crackdown on Dangerous Content in Groups Could Backfire, Experts Say
Facebook Told Staff but not Users About Single Sign-on Risks, Says Court Filing
Facebook Pivots Privacy Failings into Pop-up Cafes
Vietnam Says Facebook Steps up Local Content Restrictions
Democratic U.S. Senator Asks Facebook CEO if He Gave 'Incomplete' Testimony
Facebook Outlines Plan to Further Police Inappropriate Behavior in Private Groups
Daily Crunch: Final Oculus Co-founder Departs Facebook
‘Private’ and ‘hidden’ Mean Different Things to Facebook
Google, Facebook, Amazon to Testify in U.S. Against French Digital Tax
Oculus Co-founder Nate Mitchell is the Latest to Leave Facebook
Facebook Paid People to Transcribe Messenger Voice Chats
Facebook’s AR Dev Toolkit Exits Closed Beta on Instagram
FBI Wants to Monitor Social Platforms like Facebook and Twitter for Potential Threats to the US
Facebook has been Making Internal Changes to Make Itself Harder to Break up
Facebook Users Can Sue Over Facial Recognition, Court Rules
Facebook Sues Two App Developers for Click Injection Fraud
Facebook Faces Legal Fight Over Facial Recognition
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