Facebook stories

Facebook’s AI Couldn’t Spot Mass Murder
A Modest Proposal for Facebook: End Facebook Live
Facebook Knew About Cambridge Analytica Prior to 'Guardian' Exposé
Recode Daily: Facebook Faces yet Another Privacy Mishap
After Christchurch, Facebook Concedes AI Alone Can’t Stop Violent Livestreams
Facebook Exposed 200 Million to 600 Million User Passwords to Employees
Why It’s Time to Change your Facebook Password
Facebook Can't Find Local News to Share
Facebook Messenger Now has Message Threads
Nate Mitchell Interview
Facebook and YouTube Defend Response to Christchurch Videos
Augmented Reality When? We Asked Magic Leap, Facebook, Google, and More
Facebook Agrees to Ban Discriminatory Ads in Civil Rights Settlement
Facebook’s Tremendous Size was its Greatest Asset. Now it May Be its Biggest Problem.
Facebook Settles ACLU Job Advertisement Discrimination Suit
Facebook Says Only 4,000 Users Viewed Original NZ Shooter Livestream
Facebook Can't Find Enough Local News for its Local News Service
Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Had to Go to Extraordinary Lengths to Take Down Mosque Shooting Videos
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