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Instagram is Testing a Standalone App for Direct Messaging
Skype is Jazzing up its App with Four New Features that'll Help You 'Express Yourself'
Facebook Messenger Chief Admits the App has Gotten Too Cluttered
Snapchat's New Snap Store Teases In-app Commerce Potential
Deleting Every Social-Media App from my Phone is the Best Thing I've Done in 2018
Facebook to Launch Subscription Tool in iOS App After Resolving Dispute with Apple
As Hurricane Irma Hits, People Turn to Zello App
Comcast Integrates YouTube into Xfinity X1 Set-Top Box: Why it's Better than Having YouTube as a Stand-Alone App
Apple's App Store is Creating Twice as Many Million-dollar Publishers as Google Play
Apple's App Store Mysteriously Went Dark in Iran Yesterday
Emerging Markets are Driving Global App Downloads and Usage
VLC 3.0 Finally Brings Chromecast Support to the Mainstream Android App
Samsung Revives Opera's Data-saving App as a Galaxy Exclusive
Everything that's Wrong with FaceApp, the Latest Creepy Photo App for your Face
Android Team Outlines Changes for App Developers to Increase Platform Security, Performance
WhatsApp Down: Facebook Chat App not Working in China as Service Looks to Be Blocked by Government
Apple Releases WatchOS 4.1 with LTE Apple Music Streaming and New Radio App
Google Drive's Desktop App is Now Backup & Sync, Here's What You Need to Know [Updated]
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