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Save on this Grammar App that Uses AI to Identify Typos
Apple Watch Series 4 Heart Rate App Takes ‘faster Reading with Higher Fidelity’ Using Digital Crown
Uber Plans to Integrate London Bus, Tube Timetables into its App: FT
Innovative Anti-phishing App Comes to iPhones
Run your Family Life, all from One App? Cozi Promises You Can
Bikini App Maker Draws Another Disgruntled Developer to its Facebook Fight
Apple App Store Search After 2 Years: Evolutionary or Revolutionary?
Apple Store App Sends Rare Push Notification to Promote New iPhone Models
LEGO’s ARKit Playgrounds App Launches with NINJAGO Theme After WWDC Demo
Apple Watch Series 4 Likely Getting the ECG App Today with WatchOS 5.1.2
Google’s Messaging App Strategy is Still a Mess
Luminar 3 Imaging App Gives Photogs More Time to Shoot
Fujitsu Releases New 64-bit Mac App for Popular ScanSnap Scanners
'Highly Confidential' Documents Reveal Facebook Used VPN App to Track  Competitors
App Store Scammers are Using Touch ID Tricks to Steal Money
Save on a Killer App for Ripping DVDs to your Mac
Researchers Develop Cross-platform App to Test for Anemia with a Single Photo
Improved TinType App Gives Selfies Old-timey Feel
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