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Facebook’s Dating App Wants to Connect You with your Secret Crush
Uber Adds London's Public Transportation Info to its App
Mediaset to Move Pay-TV Content to Video Streaming App After Losing Customers: Source
Google Vet Launches an App for Patients to Record their Doctor's Notes
Some Users Unable to Download or Update App Store Apps, Faced with Endless iTunes Terms and Conditions Prompts
TikTok Ban in India Overturned After Reassurances Over Porn Videos on App
Apple Fixes 'Terms and Conditions' iOS Bug that Blocked App Downloads
Farm-to-Table App Aims to Connect Chefs, Farmers, Butchers, and Vintners
Windows 10 your Phone App: Now your Android Notifications Sync to your PC
Slack Embraces Email to Bridge Chat App Gap
Google Bans Developer with Half a Billion App Downloads from Play Store
Twitter Makes ‘likes’ Easier to Use in its Twttr Prototype App. (Nobody Tell Jack.)
MindNode 6 Mind Mapping App Adds New Focus Mode to Mac and iOS
Is Quality Time the Next Killer App?
What’s the Best Twitter App for the Mac?
Want to Take your 'Super App' on the Road? Visa has Tools for that
Evernote Fixes MacOS App Bug that Allowed Remote Code Execution
Tencent’s Latest Investment is an App that Teaches Grannies in China to Dance
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