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Tinder Lite Brings the Dating App to Countries with Limited Data
Twitter will Let You Pin your Favorite Lists in its App
Mobile App 'Finds Anti-cancer Molecules in Food'
MLB App Uses Business Chat to Make your Ballpark Trip Easier
Scam ‘Updates for Samsung’ App Pulled from the Google Play Store
The New App Gem Takes a Unique Approach to News Recommendations
OmniFocus for the Web Opens up the to do App to More Users
Google's Texting App Could Soon Be More like Snapchat
This Powerful Mac App Lets You Finally Edit PDFs
‘The World’s Greatest Email App’ is a Privacy Nightmare
Google Camera App Hints that the Pixel 4’s Second Lens will Be for Portraits and not Wide-angle Shots
10+ Million Android Users Installed a Fake Samsung Update App
Alphabet’s Wing Launches OpenSky, a Safety App for Australian Drone Operators
Dementia in Africa: Virtual Reality App Aims to Break Stigma
iPhone Fireworks Photography is a Blast with Pro Camera App
Android Notifications Arrive on Windows 10 'Your Phone' App
Creating a Lean and Functional SaaS Accounting App
Apple Reveals App Store Takedown Demands by Governments
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