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White House Declares ‘national Emergency’ Using a (bad) Screen-grab from Apple’s Notes App
Samsung's own App Reveals its Upcoming Wearables
Cows are Finally Getting their own Dating App
Tellonym, an Anonymous Messaging App, is Freaking Parents Out
Apple Introduces Quicker Way to Manage Subscriptions Via App Store
Great Scott! Tesla Hides 'Back to the Future' Easter Egg on App
App Store Spending Hit All-time High in 2018
Halide iOS Camera App Gains RBG Histogram and More, Teases New App Coming Soon
Everybody has a Newsletter, so Here's a Great App to Help Manage Them all
Google Play Caught Hosting an App that Steals Users’ Cryptocurrency
Indecent Disclosure: Gay Dating App Left “private” Images, Data Exposed to Web
App Hoarders, it's Time to Marie Kondo your Phone
iPad App for Public Housing Tenants will Cut Repair Times, Could even Prevent Tragedies
When Refugees Need Emergency Help with a Language Barrier, this App Connects Them to a Translator
5 New Features Twitter is Testing in its iOS App
Mobile Ad and App Monetization Company Tapjoy Names Jeff Drobick as CEO
Apple Tells App Developers to Disclose or Remove Screen Recording Code
Apple to Developers: Disclose Screen Recording or Get Booted from App Store
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