Android stories

Why Android Nearby, IBeacons, and Eddystone Failed to Gain Traction
Vankyo’s Android Mini-projector is a Date Night Delight
Nike Upset Hypebeasts with Accidental Android-exclusive SNKRS Drop
Massive Ad Scam Stole Millions Through Android Apps
Android: A 10-year Visual History
Android’s New Multitasking is Terrible and Should Be Changed Back
Android’s New Speed King Still Can’t Keep up with iPhone
Ugh, Green Bubbles! Switching from Apple to Android is Hard
The Verge Guide to Android
Google Could Finally Face Serious Competition for Android
Cortana’s iOS and Android Apps are Getting a Massive Redesign
Google Unshackles Android-device Firms
Android Confidential: Drool all You Want Over the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro, but Don't Buy One
Google's Home Hub is More like a Chromecast than an Android Tablet
Apple Narrows iOS Loyalty Rate Gap with Android in Q3, Retention Rates at All-time High
Pokemon Go Gets an AR Boost on Android with ARCore Support
16 Wireless Chargers for iPhones and Android Devices
Android is Becoming an Ecosystem Without Borders
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