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Andy Rubin Hits Back At Apple, Shoots Himself In The Foot

Andy Rubin took issue with Steve Jobs’ analysis of the openness of Google at Apple’s earnings release, and tweeted his opinion on the matter. Unfortunately, the tweet was either massively ironic, or completely misses the point of what Jobs was attempting to say. The tweet Rubin sent was a terminal command intended to demonstrate the full extent to which Android is open: the definition of open: “mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git:// ; repo sync ; make” However, what Rubin…

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Pantone Capsure Puts Color In The Palm Of Your Hand

Pantone, the controllers of all things color have released a new product that brings color from the real world into your workflow. Pantone Capsure is a new handheld device from Pantone that allows you to sample a color anywhere, anytime and bring it back to your computer to use in your projects. The device picks the closest Pantone Matching System color and downloads it to your computer. This kind of technology has been available for some time in hardware stores, but now designers can use the technology directly. At $649 the device isn’t…

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WebOS 2.0 Arrives, Now HP Branded

Palm Web OS is now officially resigned to the history books. It was really only a matter of time, but now the official title of the mobile OS is HP WebOS. After a bit of a rocky start in the Palm Pre, WebOS essentially tanked because of lack of polish compared to other mobile operating systems. Well, WebOS is back, and apparently it’s now a strong contender. The OS now features true multitasking, an updated version of Synergy, Palm’s interesting social media integration software, Adobe Flash and a number of other advancements. The first device…

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Internet Population Reaches 2 Billion

2010 is a big year for the internet. The number of people browsing the world wide web will reach and surpass 2 billion, nearly a third of the world’s population. That number has doubled in the past five years alone, with 226 million new internet users this year alone. The International Telecommunication Union released figures highlighting the importance of the internet, particularly in developing nations. The figures show that 71% of people in developed countries are online, compared with only 21% in developing nations. The ITU says…

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Jobs Rants At Q4 Earnings Results

Steve Jobs rarely appears at Apple’s financial conferences, but when he does, oh boy, lookout. Steve Jobs isn’t shy by any means, but he’s definitely not a loudmouth, so his confidence at yesterdays earnings announcement is either his pride getting the better of him, or he wants to make sure we’re all watching while his company makes the future. Jobs stopped just short of cattiness while describing RIM and Google’s position in the mobile market. On RIM, Jobs noted that they have reached the end of their competitive advantage, and are faced…

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MacBook Air Rumors Reach Fever Pitch

With Apple’s “Back To The Mac” event now only three days away, the rumor mill is churning at a rate of knots. Engadget has a picture that is supposedly the new MacBook Air, although it brings into question a contradictory rumor that the new Air would be only 11.6″. MacRumors updates with some new information, including possible specs. They claim the new Air will be available in 11.6″ and 13.3″ sizes, both unibody design and thinner than the current model. The new Air will also apparently all contain SSD cards rather than traditional hard…

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3 Out Of 4 Tweets Go Unnoticed

According to yet another lukewarm survey by yet another random analytics company, your tweets are worthless and nobody likes you. Research conducted using 1.2 billion posts over the past 2 months found that 71% of tweets disappear into thin air. Only 6% of tweets were retweeted, 23% received a reply. Over 90% of retweets occur within the first hour. More amazingly, only 1.53% of Twitter conversations go further than two replies. It’s comforting to know that something tweeted in error after a drunken night out won’t still be a conversation…

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