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Google is killing off yet another thing that nobody knew existed

Google isn’t afraid to experiment, and as a result, the company ends up having to kill off a lot of products and services that didn’t end up being as successful as it had hoped. Chrome apps aren’t really experimental so much as outdated, but they fall into the same category as Google’s experimental stuff because most people don’t even know they exist and the company is killing them off in the near future. About one percent of Chrome users across Mac, Linux, and Windows are actively using Chrome apps, which is why Google announced…

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These graphs will give you an idea of how popular Pokemon Go is

We all know that Pokemon Go is big, but just how big, exactly? Well it’s hard to get exact numbers without going through Nintendo, but Inverse searched through a few different graphs to get an idea of just how popular the new game is, and the conclusion isn’t all that surprising: it’s really friggin big. I know that’s vague, but all you need to do is watch the news and see people crashing their cars or falling off ledges because they’re too distracted by the game to get a feel for how massive Pokemon Go is right now, and may continue to be. Pokemon…

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Oculus has stopped blocking exclusive content on other headsets

We all know that virtual reality is going to be massive, which is why so many companies are trying to secure a dominant position in the emerging industry while it’s still in its infancy. One of the ways Oculus has been trying to achieve this is by paying developers, using the obscene amount of money it has access to through Facebook, to develop content exclusively for Oculus headsets. It also uses strict DRM to ensure that competing headsets like the HTC Vive won’t be able to use any of this exclusive content, which has pissed off a lot…

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Mozilla wants its community to help update its brand identity

As a non-profit organization whose one mission is to “defend the free and open web,” it makes sense that Mozilla wants its community to help update its brand identity. In a blog post on Wednesday, the organization expressed its desire to create a new brand identity that will help people “know and understand” it better, and it wants the community to be part of the updating process. It’s not quite crowd-sourcing, but the community will still help Mozilla update its brand identity with a four-phase process that will take place over the next…

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Amazon hosted a secretive robotics conference in Florida

Machine-Learning, (Home) Automation, Robotics, and Space Exploration. Those four areas were the focus of the MARS conference that Amazon hosted at a resort in Florida over the weekend, and if this is your first time hearing about such a conference, that’s because Amazon was keeping it on the down-low for some reason. Only people that were invited could attend the conference, and among those invited were top researchers in the aforementioned fields, executive from major companies like Toyota, and even film director Ron Howard….

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ProtonMail ditched its invite system and launched its apps

Living in a post-Snowden world, it’s hard to know which online services you can trust with your information, and that’s spawned a massive wave of privacy and security-centric services for everyday users that want to protect themselves from government surveillance and hackers. ProtonMail is one such service, and though it’s been hidden behind an invite system since it was first launched, this Switzerland-based email service has received near unanimous praise for both its design and focus on privacy. The best part is, the service…

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Uber's food delivery service is starting to expand

Hearing that Uber is encroaching on your territory is enough to make most companies a little nervous, and I don’t think GrubHub is an exception. The Chicago-based startup generated more than $1 billion in sales for restaurants across the country last year, but the launch of UberEATS might take a few chunks out of those sales. Well, it might take a few chunks in the cities where it’s actually available, which currently includes: Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco, but will eventually expand to Atlanta, Austin, Dallas,…

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