Author: Greg Voakes

6 ways people are making money from home in 2013

Fewer and fewer workers are making expensive and time-consuming commutes to their daily office jobs. Instead, they’re convincing their bosses to allow them to work from home, or finding ways to make money from home on their own. Here are a few ways you can ditch the suits or heels and start making money on your own time, sweatpants and all.   Start an Ecommerce Site  You can sell used or hand-shaped surfboards, homemade knick-knacks and crafts, business consulting expertise, unique spice blends, SEO services, and so much more….

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5 inexpensive hobbies that pay for themselves

Want to get a job in something you like? Most folks will tell you to take a class in it. Right. Like taking a class in something is the most assured way of becoming an expert in anything anywhere. You want to learn something? Go do it. The problem? A lot of those cool careers with sweet perks will require some sort of equipment or training manuals that will soak up extraordinary amounts of money to purchase. Did you think about the time commitment too? It’s sizeable and very inconvenient for a lot of these gigs. In fact, college courses are supposed…

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8 must-have tools for traveling freelancers

When you get started in the freelance world, it’s not always as easy as it looks. You need a lot of organization, motivation, and self-discipline. …

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Flow will never let you miss a task again

Flow is a productivity tool that offers an intuitive, sensible solution to all of your personal tasking needs.  With a clean, user-friendly interface, Flow makes managing your tasks a simple process from start to finish. From the moment of a project’s conception, Flow users can oversee its progress entirely. Once a task has been created, you’re able to include a comprehensive list of each notation or piece of information you’ll need to make sure the task is completed successfully. Flow also makes delegating tasks a simple process…

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3 quick iPhone hacks that you probably didn't know

The iPhone has been blazing trails in the smartphone industry for 5 years now. It’s domination has been threatened lately by the rise of Android devices, particularly those of their arch-enemy, Samsung. Hacks are good and every phone has them. These are the tricks that got lost in the shuffle or were intentionally left in the small print of the instruction manuals that few people actually read, so they don’t get used as much. The three highlighted by Hack College are ones that are brand new… to you, at least. Okay, so you may have known one…

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How to nurture your laptop to make it live longer

Some people keep their laptops for a long time. Others upgrade regularly because they think that their laptops are outdated or too slow. In either case, it’s important to know how to keep your laptop running at optimal performance levels so that the decision to get a new laptop is done at the right time rather than out of necessity. The tips below from Hack College are quick and easy, but act as an important reminder about the simple things we can do extend the existence and improve the performance of one of the most important gadgets in our lives….

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If you still hate Apple Maps, here are 5 alternatives

Apple has been the butt end of many jokes since it launched its failure of an app: Apple Maps. Since then, they’ve tried to fix it but many people simply won’t be fooled a second time. Thankfully, there is no shortage of map apps out there that can run on an iPhone or iPad. This video by Hack College gives us their version of the top 5 alternatives. …

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