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A 3 foot tall robot lamp sculpture made from recycled materials

Robots have been a popular topic for many years. They have been made into beloved characters in television shows, such as, “Rosie” from The Jetsons, and in movies, like “Wall-e” from the film of the same name. Although we know they are made of tin and are not real, we end up falling in love with them anyways. …

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The digital camera that is built by you

There is a playfulness that lives in all of us that only creativity can bring out. It is a trait we have carried since childhood and express solely through the use of our imaginations. We find joy in building, personalizing, and customizing items, which is why the Nanoblock Toy Digital Camera makes the perfect gift for just about anyone. …

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The pillow that sings you to sleep

There really is nothing like curling up in a nice warm, comfortable bed. However, there are nights when falling to sleep takes longer than you like, no matter what you try. The sound of your alarm clock always seems louder than usual, reminding you with every tick how much closer it is to the time you must wake up and with every toss and turn the frustration grows, making it even more difficult to drift off into dreamland. If counting sheep and warm milk no longer works to help you have a goodnight sleep, a singing pillow may just be the item that…

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Give your smartphone a retro look with the Ice-Phone

We have come a long way from rotary dial phones that were attached to walls, to the now ever-so popular touchscreen mobile devices. Some of us grew up during the time when handheld phones were still in style and cordless ones were viewed in the same fashion as mobile phones are today. No matter what type of telephone was used to communicate with the outside world in your childhood home and whether it is due to the feeling of nostalgia or just the mere fact that it has a super cool look, this retro-style Ice-Phone is bound to grab your attention….

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Would the Instabridge app be successful in North America?

In today’s digital world, advancements in technology are constantly being developed and new gadgets are being placed on the market at a rapid pace. We have the ability to be online, while at home or on the go, and there have been several improvements made to the Internets speed over time. However, the way in which many of us connect to the internet, via Wi-Fi, has somehow been left behind, but the mobile app Instabridge, is hoping to change this and bring connecting to Wi-Fi from our mobile phones into the new digital age. …

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A Toyota concept car designed for your smartphone and lifestyle

At the 2012 Ceatec technology show in Japan Toyota unveiled a brand new concept vehicle called, the “Smart Insect.” This concept car is compact and seats only one, which is perfect for city driving. The “Smart Insect” would have facial recognition and body type profiling technology, as well as, sensors located on the outside and inside of the vehicle combined with voice recognition software to control most functions. These functions include the entertainment system, automatic opening and closing of doors, and personal…

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How to Build an Engaged Audience for Your Blog

There are a lot of us out there who love to write and enjoy sharing our written work with the world. On the internet, we are referred to as bloggers for many of us create posts we place on blogs we own. We love spreading the news about editorials or breaking stories we have written and encourage feedback on the articles we have posted. …

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